Meet the story of our talented student, born in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, Tyrone Omar Nieves Martínez. He managed to obtain the top position from assisting in the operations of an outpatient clinic during the current challenges presented by the COVID-19. Despite the changes with the pandemic, he was able to accumulate clinical hours for the applications of it in the graduate studies schools. Tyrone published two research papers in national scientific journals such as PubMed, and FASEB, for which he was awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship from a list of more than 5,000 sophomores and juniors. He presented his research at the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine conference, winning the Young Investigator Award. Tyrone was admitted to different universities for graduate studies in Physician Associate Studies in his third year of university at only 21 years old, in which the national average age is 27. He managed to impact underserved communities with his community service in the summer, helping families food insecure through New York non-profit organizations.

His school experience before Fundación Kinesis was very different than it was after he joined his family. “Fundación Kinesis provided me with the necessary resources to apply to universities in the United States, which I would not have been able to obtain on my own. Not only did it help me academically, but it also helped me into an emotionally and professionally mature person to start college on the right track. I thank Fundación Kinesis and it’s donors for their unconditional support, without them my achievements would not have been possible. Fundación Kinesis helped me focus on my goals and work towards them. It helped me to be a determined and organized person in academic and personal aspects. Also, I was able to defy challenges with the English language, and believe in myself more. The Foundation opened the doors for me to go further and to be the first in my family nucleus to go to an institution outside of Puerto Rico. ”