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Expanding Our Horizons

Education expands our horizons, gives us new ideas, and helps us listen to others with respect, always with the opportunity to learn something new. Education helps us see the world as our home, a home we all have to take care of. Education also makes us capable of transforming ourselves and others.

There are so many talented young people in Puerto Rico. At Kinesis we assist dozens of these youth who dazzle us with their talent, discipline and perseverance. We are lucky to watch them mature and develop to enhance their families and communities. At our Foundation we are committed to offering them the best tools to reach their university goals, but also to help them become citizens committed with our society.

If like us you believe our youth’s education is Puerto Rico’s future, you are already part of Kinesis Foundation.

José Enrique Fernández

President and Founder

Annual Report 2019


Dennis Román

President of Kinesis Foundation

Andy Muñiz

Director of Development

Dolly García

Marketing & Communications Director

Ismavette Cotto

Bright Stars and Continuing Education Program Director

Mayra Prats

Director of University Advisory

Yamira Flores

Programs Director

Soriette Matos

IT Technology Director

Marimer Cruz

Academic Supervisor IT Academy

Carlos Otero

Public Speaking IT Program Director

Johnny Rullán

Leadership Program IT Director