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Federico Hita is a Kinesis Scholar from the University of Notre Dame who, within his career as a future aerospace engineer, received the news that he was chosen for a research “fellowship” during this summer, where he will be working on plasma generation studies with applications in mechanical engineering and medicine.


Hita, native of Guaynabo, courses through his second year in Engineering and Mathematics and began as a student of the Bright Stars curriculum of the Kinesis Foundation. During his university journey, he has taken advantage of his talent to help many others. Alongside the Department of Mathematics, Hita has provided educational support to groups of students with deficiencies in Calculus courses.


In addition, for the last three semesters he’s been part of the University’s Dean’s List, which represents the top 30% of the current class, where students are recognized for their outstanding academic performance. The same criteria helped him join the National Aerospace Engineering Honor Society (Sigma Gamma Tau, as it is also known).


“My dream has always been to become an aerospace engineer and work in the industry for a few years, to then become a university professor. Kinesis has always been there during the process. My university counselor, Norma Soler, was with me throughout the application process to universities outside of Puerto Rico. Kinesis for me is more than a preparation program; It is a community, a family. Just as my parents have given me advice throughout my life, Kinesis has been by my side for these past six years. I am very grateful for all the professional development opportunities they have provided me”, said the young man.


“In many moments of my life I felt sad because I did not have the opportunities that other students had. My family is very under-resourced and I did not have the luxuries or the money to imagine myself in a prestigious university outside of Puerto Rico, but then I realized that the effort is worth more than money. I advise all students to believe in themselves. Although the nights may seem long and the studies tedious, seek for the motivation looking towards the future that you aspire. Everything can be achieved if you are dedicated”, he concluded.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]