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Kinesis launches pilot project designed to help foster internship opportunities (KIPP)



Fundación Kinesis announces the launch of a pilot program aimed at stopping the brain drain by supporting and incentivating the development and promotion of student internships among companies in the island. This new program will allow companies with internship and/or available job opportunities to register and post their opportunities, and receive personalized recommendations about well-prepared and qualified students that fit their business needs.


The creation of KIPP came about thanks to a grant from the STRADA Education Network, a national and philanthropic organization that promotes opportunities in the field of education and, therefore, job creation.


With great pride and satisfaction, we present the Kinesis Internship & Placement Program (KIPP), for all Kinesis Foundation scholarship students who are in their third or fourth year of high school or with less than 2 years before graduation.


In order to ensure the success of this pilot project, Kinesis will be committed to preparing each participating candidate. They will have individual training for occupational development and work ethics. During their experience as interns, they will also receive follow-up and training workshops facilitated by the organization, in order to obtain the best academic and job preparation as future professionals in their respective fields.


“The fact that we can announce the launch of this project for the benefit of our students fills us with joy and pride. The development of this program has entailed hard work for months within a changing social landscape. During this first phase we will work hand in hand with around 150 companies that can offer these opportunities to our talents. In turn, our staff will be training the young people who qualify for these positions. Later, we will work so that students who are not part of the organization can benefit from these opportunities,” José Enrique Fernández, founder of Kinesis, explained.


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