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Melanie Pérez is a BrightStars student that has achieved much success with great effort. Currently, Melanie courses through 12th grade in University Gardens High School and while she works tirelessly to obtain impressive grades, she also has managed to gain many experiences and exceptional recognitions. Amongst these, she is known and recognized as an excellent leader, she has had high honors for academic excellence since 2015 and she has also been a part of diverse enrichening educational and professional programs.


Additionally, she has had excellent participation in scientific symposiums and competitions, all while also having the “Hispanic Scholar Recognition”. With all the dedication and commitment Melanie has given to reach her goal, she was offered five admission offerings from various prestigious universities from all around the United States, along with merit-based scholarships and even more opportunities.


“This year has been incomparable. After tireless semesters working for my future in my classes and extracurricular activities, I have been able to harvest the products of my effort…In academic terms, I have been offered admission to five universities all around the United States with merit-based scholarships: Marquette University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, Syracuse University and Haverford College.”, shared Melanie with the Kinesis Family.


To contextualize the scale of our Bright Star’s success, according to Best Colleges in National Liberal Arts Colleges, Haverford College has rank #11 as National Liberal Arts College from the selection of nearly 230 colleges. Melanie was part of the small selection of students that were successfully admitted.


The Kinesis Family is immensely proud of how Melanie has realized her potential. We wish only the best for Melanie, may she continue on developing her strengths and following the path to success.