Bright Stars alumni and Kinesis scholar Paloma Sierra always displayed a passion for fine arts, especially writing and theater. She graduated from UPR-Río Piedras High School (UHS), and went on to earn a degree in Literature from Carnegie Mellon University in 2019.

Upon graduation, she was named a finalist for the City Theater National Short Play Award 2020 for her play “Cola’o”, which she presented at Theater Now New York’s Sound Bites 7.0. (an event featuring eight musicals from emerging musical theater writing teams). Following this, she was selected as an Emerging Poet Laureate of Allegheny County 2020-2021.

Today, she is developing free virtual programming in collaboration with the City of Asylum, a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that houses writers exiled from their countries for their controversial writing. It provides them with free accommodation, medical care, and access to social services and resettlement in the United States.

Part of this program consists of a series of workshops that explore poetry through theater and film, inviting writers of all experience levels to reinvent poetry in conversations with poets, playwrights, and animators. She is also developing a short-animated series of her original poetry. This year, she will present a 15-minute musical with Project Y Women in Theater Online Festival, an initiative that encourages the participation of women in the entertainment industry.

“Kinesis not only pushed me to dream big, but also gave me the tools to develop within this industry. With their guidance, I was able to identify the schools that best matched my interests. Thanks to their scholarship, I was able to complete my BA in Creative Writing and Drama, where I have now set out to pursue a Master’s in Dramatic Writing. I am very grateful for the guidance and support that the foundation has given me,“ said Paloma.

Keep shining Paloma!