Meet the successful story of Pierette Bartolomei:

Before joining the Kinesis scholarship program, Pierette’s school experience was excellent. She was a great student and focused on achieving her goals of finishing her studies. After completing her Bachelor’s degree studies in Elementary Education at the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce campus, she continued her graduate studies outside of Puerto Rico. The reason for her decision was her desire to expose herself and learn about other types of educational systems, in addition to having experiences that would help her grow both in her professional and personal environment. In May 2014, while she was teaching at a school, she received the news of her admission to the University Master’s program in Psychopedagogical Intervention at the University of Granada, Spain.

Her decision to leave caused many feelings of uncertainty, excitement, fear, but above all carried great expectations about what she would find (she had never traveled to Europe). Going to study abroad was one of the best decisions she has made in her life. Not only did she had the opportunity to learn under a different educational system, but she was able to be part of it by giving workshops in Spanish schools and contributing her knowledge. Besides this she learned a lot about her purpose with the field of education.

When presenting her Master’s thesis, her thesis director offered her a doctoral position, continuing her research in Multiple Intelligences and the Teaching of Foreign Languages. She was in her plans, but she did not have the financial resources to continue, since all her savings consumed her in her master’s studies. She was ready to return to Puerto Rico and so she did. On the other hand, Pierette told us “Kinesis opened that door again, since she already had the scholarship during the last months of the master’s degree. From the first day the Kinesis Foundation was a help for everything. They made possible everything related to my research, they covered my travel expenses, meetings, resources for my research both in Granada and Puerto Rico and even the costs of my doctoral dissertation. However, the best of all was that being away from the island made me feel at home. Definitely when they say that it is an organization committed to the future of Puerto Rico they are not wrong and for that I will live grateful all my life. “

At the end of her doctoral studies with a Cum Laude degree and various employment experiences, she decided to start her own business. She is currently the founder and CEO of Learningbp, which is an online educational platform. Her roles include designing and managing courses, classes, tutorials, workshops, coaching, and online educational webinars. These services are aimed at PreK-University students, teachers and educational specialists. Since 2019, they have impacted more than 200 students at the island level and in the United States. This year they joined the Kinesis KIPP program as an employer.

“For all the young people who have dreams and goals as I once had them, I have two words: perseverance and discipline. Everything is achievable. We put the obstacles ourselves, our competence at all times must be to overcome ourselves. The desire to be better every day leads us to achieve unthinkable things. Even when resources are not within our reach, there are many aids and Kinesis is an example of this. Persevere and fight for everything you propose in order to do good and be grateful for the people who accompany you on the journey, for we are never alone. ” mentions the young businesswoman.