Former Bright Stars student and Kinesis scholar Armando Mújica is heading towards a successful career in finance. He is currently in his fourth year at Fairfield University, completing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Recently, he worked as an intern at MoonSail Capital, LLC, a private equity firm aimed at investing in companies in PR and the US. There, he worked on the analysis of potential companies and in industry and company specific research.

One of Mújica’s greatest college achievements was participating in the Rotman International Trading Competition, where his team won the title of best performance in the state, against prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Uconn, UCLA, Boston University, among others. In addition, he is working on the development of Remere, a tech startup focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) therapy and machine learning to respond to the tone and speed of people’s speech. The focus of this initiative is to be able to create an alternative for psychological service platforms, where they could offer other services in addition to “Telehealth.”

“Kinesis has always been by my side in my development, not only providing financial support, but also professional growth, leadership and preparation for the professional world. They have always been by my side. I am proud to be part of an organization that pushes its students to achieve their goals and dreams.

Although this is my last college year, I know that our relationship will continue to be strong. I hope that just like I can be a participant and receive support from their resources, I too can become a resource and be part of the growth of other Puerto Rican students,” Mújica said.

We are proud to be part of Armando’s professional growth. We look forward to his success.

The sky is the limit, Armando!