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Accompany them on their life’s journey

At Kinesis we are proud to be able to transform the lives of Puerto Rican youth and to do so permanently. Kinesis is the safest path for them to have the best university education possible without the fear of not being able to afford it.

With you we can move.

  • With your help we can help them make their dreams come true.
  • With you they can have the best education possible.
  • With you to the finish line.

Donation Distribution for 2018-19

  • Bright Stars
  • Scholarships

Kinesis is a public foundation with 509(a)(1) status. Your donations are 100% tax deductible.

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Each donation makes a difference

Educational Accompaniment

Character Development

Financial Assistance

College Access

100% of our participants are accepted into university

I consider Kinesis Foundation a catalytic entity in the development of future Puerto Rican leaders. Kinesis helps identify youth with a lot of potential and low financial resources and helps guide them to a new world of opportunities. It fills me with hope to be part of this organization that has such a positive and direct impact on so many people, families and towns. Investing my time and money in Kinesis gives youth an opportunity to reach their goals, which they otherwise would not have.

Rafael A. Vélez Domínguez

President, Putney Capital

For us there is no other nonprofit in Puerto Rico like Kinesis Foundation. At Kinesis the doors are open for outstanding students of limited resources to overcome their cultural, educational, and financial limitations in their search for an excellent education. Education should be equal for everyone without barriers or limitations, Kinesis is the best instrument to achieve this. We have to invest in our youth. Each Puerto Rican student that can educate him or herself and fulfill their dreams is the best opportunity for a successful future.

Ingrid y Enrique Vila del Corral

President, Professional Offices Parks

There are many ways to donate and support our outstanding students. Accompany them to the goal!