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This year at Kinesis, we transformed our services into an online platform, to support our youth on an academic, social and emotional level during these challenging times.

To continue with this labor, we need new donors who would like to join us on this educational movement.

What moves us?

We are driven by Our commitment to students of academic excellence and limited resources.

We are driven by Our belief in a better tomorrow and our trust in our students to achieve it.

Since our beginning, we have worked so that Puertorrican students may find in Kinesis an education of merit and the resources necessary to empower them to develop a socioeconomically healthy environment for Puerto Rico.

One of our main programs is the Kinesis Scholarship, where we help students with limited resources and an excellent academic performance, to be admitted to the best universities in the world. Apart from the economic support, we give them the necessary tools to reach and complete their university degree.

With your donation you can help a student reach his dream.

We invite you to transform Puerto Rico positively through education.

No donation is too small!

Invest in Education.

Donations are 100% tax deductible.

We believe that the socioeconomic situation of each family should be the driving force and not a barrier when it comes to accessing a globally competitive education. Thanks to the companies and individuals contributions, the scholarship program makes it possible to financially support students to persist in their university careers, practice their profession and contribute to the country.

Success stories thanks to you!