He knows the scholarship student, Erick S. Soto Ponce, from the town of Barceloneta and from the Fernando Suria Chaves school. Erick is currently studying computer engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus. His favorite hobbies are building computers, working on cars, and working out. Last year, 2021 he managed to make the change from Chemical Engineering to Computer Engineering, it was something he decided to do at the beginning. On the other hand, he very proudly built his first computer from scratch, thus discovering his passion for them. “I have a lot to thank the Kinesis Foundation, with it the Bright Stars program who provided me with the tools that I continue to use today, the Leadership Department with their study habits, and IT Academy, who provide physical tools such as my certifications in Microsoft Office. It is a wonderful experience to belong to the Kinesis Foundation, and I am beyond grateful to them.” mentions the young man. The Kinesis Foundation provided him with the tool to take the SAT exam, which allowed him to enter the University he wanted in Puerto Rico. Rick mentions: “I am on a scholarship from the Foundation and this gives me the freedom to not have to work and thus focus 100% on my studies and give my best. Currently the Kinesis Foundation continued to help me with my goals, opening doors for internships and offering workshops on different things.”