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Bright Stars


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If you are in grades 9th to 12th, stand out academically and your family’s resources are limited, you can be a Bright Star. We will mentor you on your path to a successful university career.

We accompany you to the goal:

  • Personal and academic counseling
  • Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications
  • Individualized counseling on financial aid and applying to scholarships
  • Assistance with college admissions processes
  • Preparation for standardized admissions tests
  • Academic growth

Microsoft Office Certifications

Personal and career counseling

Individualized advice on scholarships

University Admission Process

Preparation of standardized tests

If you have a grade point average of at least 3.75 and are in grades 9th to 12th:

  • Fill out the application online and submit the following documents:
  • Evidence of parents or guardians’ income (income tax return or other documents that show income).
  • Grades (transcript or grades from the previous academic year)
  • Submit results of standardized test taken at your school (examples: PRUEBAS METAS, Careme, Learning, PIENSE I or PIENSE II).
  • Create and provide Common App account (applies to students from 9th grade on)
  • Essay on student’s academic or professional goals.

Once the admissions process has been completed the student will be called for an appointment.

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Bright Stars Commitments
Terms and Conditions

Fee by family income for Bright Stars 2021-22:

Annual Enrollment FeeTotal Family Income
$250$35,000 or less
$300$35,001 to $50,000
$350$50,001 to $70,000
$400$70,001 to  $80,000
$450$80,001 to $90,000
$500$90,001 to 100,000
$550$100,001 to 120,000
$700$120,001 to 130,000
$800$130,001 to 150,000
$1,000$150,001 to $200,000
$1,100$200,001 to $220,000
$1,200$220,001 to $250,000
$1,300$250,001 and up
Included in the annual feePSAT/SAT* Review Fees
Applies to certain grades only
(10th and 11th)

Bright Stars’ areas of study:

Our Bright Stars can go online using the following platforms that are very useful for their development.